Student Summer Activities
Summer Bible Week...Student Getaway...Heroes Academy.
Let's go!
Here's what we've got lined up. What can you join?

Summer Bible Week 12-17th June.
Set up your summer with deep convictions and skills to dig into the bible. Each morning has 2 sessions to fill your head and your heart and the afternoons are casual hangout times. The best sort of Staycation! Cost: £20

Heroes Academy 28th August-3rd September
A chance to help out with our children's holiday club. Each morning is jammed with Bible teaching and activities for the kids. Lunch after is a relaxed time for the team to hang out and get some training. Afternoons are then free for resting up!

Student Getaway 11-15th September
A mini-break before term begins to get in gear after the holidays. Again the perfect mix of hearing from God's word, book discussions and chilling out, all in the beautiful countryside. Cost: £40.

What are you interested in getting involved with?

What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_20900371}}, what's your last name?

When are your deadlines or exams?

There's lots to get out the way before term is up.
Well done for all your hard work!
Let us know when you've got your big days so that we can support one another in prayer!
When will you be in Southampton over the summer?

Student Connect finishes for the summer as term ends but many people will still be around in Southampton. There's plenty going on in the wider Church life which we'd love to see you get stuck in with and maybe organise a few impromptu socials too...

e.g. I'm here until 6th July and then back for 20th August
Do you have a church to go to during the holidays?

The best way to keep going to strong in the holidays is to get stuck in to a good church whilst you're at home.

If you want to join in Student Getaway please tell us about your transport. The Getaway will be in Warbleton, East Sussex.

Summer camps

There are loads of camps going on all over the UK during the summer. They are another great way to use your holiday to grow and serve.
Lots of Christ Church folk help out on Contagious Camps.
The website will give you a flavour of what it's like:

What would you like prayer for over the summer?

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